Plastic granulator is a kind of useful waste plastic recycling equipment. It mainly consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system, and a heating and cooling system. The main machine is a plastic extruder. The general plastic granulator can only recycle and produce general plastic mainly made of PP and PE, which are also the common plastic raw material in the plastic market. The PS plastics market is relatively small. The user can also purchase the corresponding plastic granulator If there is a special plastic demand.

Features of Shuliy plastic granulator:

1. All recycled materials can be produced after being classified, crushed and washed without drying.

2.From raw material crushing, cleaning, feeding to pelletizing are automated.

3. It makes full use of high-pressure friction uninterrupted heating system to achieve automatic heating production and avoid continuous heating, which saving electricity and energy;

4. The split automatic distribution system ensures the safe and normal operation of the motor.

5. The screw barrels are made of high-strength and high-quality carbon structural steel, which makes the machine last longer.

6. The machine has a beautiful appearance design. Can be painted according to customer requirements.

Plastic granulator performance:

Plastic granulator can be divided into single-screw granulator and twin-screw granulator according to the number of screws. When the single-screw granulator is working, the plastic is conveyed spirally forward in the barrel. When the twin-screw granulator is working, the plastic is conveyed straight forward in the barrel. According to the working principle, when the twin-screw machine is shut down, the material in the inside machine can be emptied; the single-screw machine has little residual material inside. Most plastic granulation, single and double screw machine are not used separately.

However, when recycling plastics, it is better to use a single-screw machine because the mesh surface is larger and the material is easier to discharge. The two machines are almost the same when making modified plastic, color masterbatch, and mixed color pumping. When making extended fiberglass and cross-linked cable materials, it can only use the double-screw granulator. Moreover, the single-screw plastic granulation is much lower than the twin-screw plastic granulator in the procurement cost of machinery and the post-production cost. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, it is necessary to select the corresponding equipment according to the company’s different products.

The above are some things that users need to pay attention to when purchasing plastic recycling equipment. In addition, there are other aspects need to pay attention to when purchasing plastic recycling equipment, such as the technical parameters of the plastic granule machine, stability, reliability, safety and service life, automatic degree, energy saving, production cost, production efficiency, etc. Therefore, we test the performance of each machine when making a plastic granulator to ensure that all machines can work properly.