PVC, a common plastic material, is widely used in construction, wires, pipes, cables, medical devices and other fields. However, the extensive use of PVC products also leads to a large amount of PVC waste. In order to reduce environmental pollution and resource waste, recycling and reclaiming of PVC plastics become crucial.

In this article, we will introduce the key steps of PVC plastic pelletizing and the PVC recycling machines we offer, which can help you realize efficient PVC plastic regeneration.

Waste PVC plastic collection

The first step in PVC plastic pelletizing is to collect PVC scrap. These wastes can come from a variety of sources, including discarded PVC pipes, PVC plastic sheets, and substandard PVC products. Ensure that the collected scrap is clean and free of impurities to improve the efficiency of subsequent processing.

PVC crushing

Once the scrap has been collected, the next step is to pulverize the PVC scrap into small particles. This can be accomplished by using plastic shredders, which are machines specifically designed to pulverize the scrap into particles of the desired size. This step is designed to reduce the size of the PVC scrap and facilitate subsequent processing.

PVC cleaning

Crushed PVC pellets are usually loaded with impurities, dust and other contaminants. Cleaning is therefore one of the key steps in the preparation of high-quality recycled PVC. The plastic cleaning machine uses detergents and water to soak and rinse the PVC pellets to remove the dirt and impurities attached to the surface of the pellets.

PVC pelletizing

Clean PVC pellets can now be fed into plastic pelletizing machines. These pelletizing machines turn the PVC granules into small uniform pellets called recycled pellets by means of heating and extrusion. These recycled pellets can be customized into different sizes and shapes as required for various applications.

PVC pelletizing
PVC pelletizing machine

Plastic pellets packaging

Finally, the recycled PVC pellets can be packaged according to customer requirements. Packaging is usually done using bags or big bags to ensure easy storage and transportation of the product.

Our solution for PVC pelletizing project

We offer a wide range of efficient plastic recycling machines for PVC pelletizing, including shredders, washing equipment, plastic granulators and drying equipment. Our machines are advanced in design and can be customized to meet the requirements of different sizes and capacities. The recycled PVC pellets are characterized by high quality, low impurities and renewability and are suitable for a wide range of applications such as construction, manufacturing and packaging.

If you are interested in the PVC pelletizing project, feel free to contact us via the website form. Shuliy project manager will send you machine details in 24 hours!