Specialized in plastic granulator manufacturing

Plastic granulator produced by plastic granulator manufacturers is currently the most popular equipment in the waste plastic processing industry. This machine has high efficiency and can process 200-3000 kg of a waste of plastic per hour. The processed plastic is made into plastic pellets that can be recycled. Functions of the plastic granulator: Plastic granulator mainly processes waste plastic film. … Read more

Plastic Granulator for Sale

Plastic granulator is a kind of useful waste plastic recycling equipment. It mainly consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system, and a heating and cooling system. The main machine is a plastic extruder. The general plastic granulator can only recycle and produce general plastic mainly made of PP and PE, which are also the common plastic raw material in … Read more

Plastic granulator detailed processing flow

Our company produces high-quality plastic recycling granulator. Our machines are mainly used for recycling and granulation of waste plastic. Our plastic recycling machines are becoming more and more important in the current situation of increasingly serious plastic pollution. Next, Shuliy Machinery will introduce the work process of our plastic granulator for PP\PE waste plastic. Working … Read more

Foam plastic granulator for sale

Foam plastic (EPS) is a type of polymer material formed by dispersing a large number of gas micropores in solid plastic. It is a plastic product with many pores. The foam plastic has the advantages of lightweight, low thermal conductivity, low hygroscopicity, good elasticity, high specific strength, sound, and thermal insulation. Therefore, it is widely used for sound … Read more

What is the function of plastic granulator?

The plastic granulator is a very great invention because it not only creates benefits for the user, it also makes a significant contribution to our environmental protection. In the past, waste plastics were generally disposed of by incineration and landfill, but these two ways can easily damage our ecological environment. What are the damages caused by the … Read more

How to dispose the waste gas produced by plastic granulator

During the plastic processing, especially waste plastic recycling processing, waste plastic after sorting, crushing and cleaning, will be sent to waste plastic granulator for high temperature melting and filtering extrusion, during which, varying degrees of waste smoke emissions became a major source of secondary environmental pollution. If we emit waste gas without treatment will seriously … Read more

How to use plastic granulator correctly?

Plastic granulator is a commonly used plastic equipment in the waste recycling industry, but to figure out the effective operation method of it is also a problem, which urges for a solution. Only by the correct use of the plastic pelletizing machine, can ensure its normal operation and ideal effect. In order to ensure the … Read more

A brief understanding of plastic granulators

What is the accuracy of temperature control of plastic granulators? An important indicator of the heating of plastic granulators is that the temperature accuracy of each temperature zone of the machine must be ensured. Although the sensitivity of various plastic materials to temperature is different, the requirements for temperature accuracy are relatively high during the … Read more