What is the accuracy of temperature control of plastic granulators?

An important indicator of the heating of plastic granulators is that the temperature accuracy of each temperature zone of the machine must be ensured. Although the sensitivity of various plastic materials to temperature is different, the requirements for temperature accuracy are relatively high during the production process. Many plastic products require temperatures not to exceed ±5 ° C.

Therefore, many types of plastic granulators use air or water cooling for cooling control. Otherwise, the processed materials may not be scrap or defective. This problem is difficult to solve without proper configuration and technical control. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of the plastic granulator, and use the PID proportional calculus regulator of the electromagnetic heating control board, and then equip with the necessary air-cooling and water-cooling devices to achieve accurate temperature. ±1 ° C is also achievable. Have a comprehensive understanding of the performance of plastic granulators and plastic raw materials and make the necessary rational configuration.

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Plastic granulator hydraulic system needs attention when using it

1. The hydraulic oil should be inspected and replaced regularly. For the newly used hydraulic equipment, the fuel tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil after about 3 months. Clean and change oil every six months to one year later.

2. The fuel tank should be sealed and sealed. An air filter should be installed at the vent hole above the fuel tank to prevent the intrusion of dirt and moisture. When refueling, it should be filtered to make the oil clean.

3. Check the oil level to ensure that the system has enough oil