Congratulations! Our company has shipped a PET bottle recycling line to Congo recently. The whole plastic crushing and washing line will be used to crush waste plastic mineral water bottles. Our customer in Congo has collected a great number of plastic bottles. The recycled PET chips will be processed into new plastic objects.

Features of our plastic bottle recycling machines

Our company has produced plastic recycling equipment like crushers, and washing machines for over ten years, and helped many customers begin their recycling businesses. For plastic bottles, we can offer crushers (especially for PET materials), washing tanks (clean PET chips and sort PP PE at the same time), plastic frictional cleaning machines(It has brushes which can scrub those chips much cleaner), hot water washing tank ( It has automatic temperature control, heat preservation, and stirring function).

3D video of plastic recycling line

Our 3D video attracted the customer in Congo, he said it showed how to process waste plastic bottles clearly and vividly. The whole PET bottle recycling line mainly includes: removing bottle labels — removing bottle trademarks — crushing — cleaning — drying — and storage.

Machine parameters of PET bottle recycling line

Machine Parameters
Climbing conveyorConvey bottles to the label removing machine
Power: 2.2kw
Length: 4000mm
Width: 600mm
Label removing machineRemove the label from the bottle
Power: 11kw+2.2kw
Size: 4000*1000*1600mm
Weight: 2600kg
PET bottle crusher machineCrush PET bottles into small chips
Power: 11kw
Capacity: 300kg/h
Size: 1300*650*800mm
Screw conveyorConvey the plastic chips into PET, PP washing, and separating machine
Power: 2.2 kw
Length: 2500mm
PET, PP, PE washing and separating machineSeparate PET chips and PE bottle caps
Power: 3kw
Rubbing washing machineWith water recycling, clean the PET bottle enough, remove cleaning agent and other impurity
Power: 5.5kw
PET chips dewatering machineDewatering for PET chips
Power: 7.5kw
Size: 1300*600*1750mm

PET bottle recycling line display

Our sales manager took the following photos for our customer in Congo and told the customer how to place and match each of them.

Final product of PET bottle recycling line

PET plastic bottles are the most recycled product, and recycled PET is the most mature recycled plastic product. These cleaned plastic chips are non-toxic, odorless, and low-cost materials that can be used primarily as recycled water pipes, plastic barrels, and sofa fillers.

High-quality PET chips can then be heated and melted, and finally, through various processes, made into recycled fibers that can be spun into clothing and shoes.