Plastic granulator operator’s precautions in production

1. Every time before the plastic granulator is started, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are any foreign objects in the barrel and the hopper, and remove all debris and oil in time;

2, found that the production equipment operating abnormal sound or unstable operation, when you do not know the reason, you should stop in time, find the relevant personnel to solve. It is not allowed to repair the equipment during the operation of the equipment, and it is not allowed to touch the transmission parts by hand;

3. When disassembling and installing parts such as forming molds, it is not allowed to directly hit the parts with a heavy hammer, and if necessary, pad hardwood and then tap;

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Plastic granulator operator’s precautions in production

4. If there is no production material in the barrel, the screw is not allowed to rotate for a long time, and the idle running time is no longer than 3 minutes;

5. The plastic granulator has a fault in the production. When the operator removes the fault, it is not allowed to face the barrel or the molding die face to prevent the melt in the barrel from decomposing and spraying;

6. In the normal production of plastic granulator, the main motor current meter pointer swing changes frequently, and the phenomenon of long-time overload operation occurs. It is necessary to stop in time, find out the cause of the fault and discharge it before continuing production;

7. When inspecting the bearing part and the working temperature of the motor casing, gently touch the detecting part with the back of the hand;

8. When cleaning the residual material on the barrel, screw and mold, it must be cleaned with bamboo or copper cutter. It is not allowed to scrape with steel knife or scrap the scrap on the fire.

9. In the production of plastic granulator, the operator is not allowed to leave the post to do other work. When leaving the post, he must stop or look for the operator of another equipment.