Plastic granulator description:

Raw material + auxiliary agent → mixing → conveying feeding → forced feeding → double-section extrusion granulator → air-cooled hot cutting die → cyclone separator → vibrating screen → air delivery system → storage silo → finished product packaging

This plastic granulator line mainly produces PVC particles by means of grinding and eager cutting. This production line has the advantages of high pellet cutting precision and high heat cutting yield. It’s characteristics: advanced equipment, strong versatility, and high production capacity.

The die faces hot cutting granulation makes the material particles have a smooth and full appearance. The conventional configuration of the equipment includes a pelletizer, a secondary air delivery system, and a vibrating screen. Thanks to the modular design of the system. Users can also choose secondary air delivery according to the process requirements. The recycling line for plastic flakes is mainly used for hot-cutting granulation of plastics such as PVC. The cutting precision is high, the pelletizing efficiency is high, and the installation and movement are convenient. Granulator 19

The main purpose of PVC hot-cut granulation production line:

It is used for the anhydrous granulation of plastics with colder properties (such as HDPE, PVC) and filled modified plastics (such as calcium-filled). The particles are round cake-shaped, no pores, and can be directly inputted without drying. use.

PVC hot-cut granulation production line will make waste plastics into good granules, which will reflect the maximum value of regeneration. It needs a high-quality plastic granulator to produce PVC hot-cut granulator to easily solve wet materials and water granulation. It has many vents, easy to spray glue, low output, high-frequency quenching treatment of screw, not easy to break, and long service life. And there is a variety of die, a variety of material screw, a variety of combinations are available. Meeting the different purchasing needs of large, medium and small investors is an ideal choice for your investment in the recycling industry. Granulator 20

Plastic granulation host:

The low shear, highly compounded screw form ensures efficient and stable operation of the granulation process.

The uniform dosing system ensures a more uniform and efficient configuration of the masterbatch material.


With the precision cutter, the cut surface is smooth and smooth.
Frequency control, more suitable for the requirements of different granulation process speed.

Plastic granulator head mold:

It is finished with high quality die steel and hardened for durability.

The well-distributed material flow path ensures uniform and efficient extrusion of the pellets without affecting each other.

Cooling device:

A unique 3D cooling system for better cooling.

The powerful fan combined with the new cooling system ensures the quality and efficiency of the pellets.