Plastic pellet machine maintenance requirements knowledge

plastic pelletizer

Due to the operation of the plastic pelletizer knowledge is not good enough, in the daily operation sometimes misoperation and lead to mechanical failure. If workers can correctly operate the plastic pelletizing machine, that will help to extend its life. So it is necessary to pay attention to what problems when using the plastic pelletizing machine?

  • The staff in the operation should be strictly in accordance with the operating requirements. They should not be in non-operating stations for unauthorized operation. To ensure the reliability of the safety device, do not pursue efficiency to destroy the machine's safety measures.
  • The worker should be trained and familiar with the performance of plastic machinery and operating procedures.
  • The plastic recycling plant should pay attention to fire safety, fire extinguishers need to be placed near the use of heat-conducting oil equipment.
  • If the temperature of the materials does not reach the set temperature, then they are not allowed to start running the screw.
  • Failure or abnormal situation must be reported to the relevant personnel, and by professional maintenance personnel to deal with. If an abnormal phenomenon affecting safety is found, immediately press the emergency stop switch.
  • Do not use the waste plastic with metal impurities or mud and sand, and clean the plastic waste before entering the plastic pellet machine.
  • Do not place metal objects that may fall in near the feed inlet to prevent intensifying the wear of the screw and barrel or producing jamming and damage.
  • Hydraulic oil whose cleanliness, viscosity, and other indicators meet the requirements should be used. In addition, the staff must provide enough cooling water for the oil cooler as required to avoid damage to hydraulic components and pipelines due to oil pollution or high temperatures, such as blockage and oil leakage.

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