Good news to Shuliy! One client from Botswana bought complete plastic recycling machines for plastic granulating in August 2023. An entrepreneur from Botswana is moving towards a new chapter in the plastic recycling industry.

plastic recycle machines

List of main plastic recycle machines sent to Botswana

Recycling machines itemQty
Plastic crusher1
Rinsing tank1
PLastics granulator2
Dewatering machine2
Granules cutter 1
Cooling tank1
Pellets silo1

Plastics granulator machine parameters of 200kg/h recycling line

Plastics granulator machine



2.4m screw

Reducer:250-Hardened gear reducer

Electromagnetic heating:60kw*2

Model: SL-140

Power: 15kw

1.3m screw

Reducer:225-Hardened gear reducer

Heat Method: heating ring heating

Why did the customer choose Shuiy Group?

Competent manufacturers and high-quality machines

Professional and thoughtful customer services

Our foreign trade company provides clients with deep international market expertise, global supply chain management, quality control, legal compliance, market research and more.

Our sales staff are patient and happy to answer any questions our customers may have about their plastic recycle machines. Whether it’s about the performance of the recycling machine, how it operates, maintenance, or any other related question, we are committed to providing clear, detailed, and satisfactory answers to ensure that our customers have full understanding and confidence in our products.