The recycling rate of waste plastics is not high, and there are not many waste plastic recycling factories, especially the uneven distribution. Most of the places are almost blank. On the other hand, many areas have experienced rapid industrial development and market prosperity in recent years. There are dozens of large plastics markets. Waste plastic pellets have been in short supply, and prices have risen and then risen. Therefore, waste plastic pellet processing will become a hot spot for future development. As a main processing machine, plastic machinery, plastic granulators and plastic flake pelletizing line will have a large customer base.

PP PE flake products recycling and pelletizing machine

Plastic recycling granulator

The plastic recycling granulator processes the waste plastics of daily life to regenerate the plastic raw materials needed by the company. The price of recycling waste plastics is far cheaper than the price of plastic raw materials that have been rising in recent years. With the support of the government, it is recycled. The new type of plastic granulator is continuously optimized and updated to achieve full, firm and smooth plastic recycled material. Therefore, it will be favored by more and more businesses.

The operation of recycled plastic granulator involves a wide range of national economies. It is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products. The recycled plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China, and the energy used accounts for 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. %about. In addition, the pollution caused by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in the region. The progress of plastic granulator technology is closely related to the development of the entire national economy.

With the increasing use of plastics, the number of waste plastics is increasing. If it is not treated in a timely and effective manner, it will cause harm to the environment. The energy-efficient plastic mechanical granulator is the “terminator” of waste plastics, huge. Market demand has made the market for recycled plastic granulators more and more optimistic.