In 2020, an unprecedented new crown epidemic hit the pause button in many cities around the world, prompting more and more people to reflect on the coexistence model between humans and nature and advocate a green lifestyle.

Many people are beginning to realize that humans are often unknowingly destroying the environment; for example, in the pursuit of convenience, the food industry produces a lot of waste plastic packaging. The fashion industry produces a lot of textile waste products that cause serious pollution to the environment. One of the winners of the Low Carbon Challenge, Sissi Chao, shared her insights on turning waste products into trendy brands and promoting sustainable fashion.

the winner of the Low Carbon Challenge, Sissi Chao

One of the points this winner made struck me. “The Earth has actually existed for 4.6 billion years, while we humans have actually only existed for 120,000 years. If we convert these two times into 24 hours, we humans have existed on Earth for only three seconds. But it is in those three seconds that we have also done very much damage.”

In order to reduce the pollution of waste to the environment, Sissi Chao founded the Recycled Clothes (REmakeHub) platform in Shanghai, China in early 2018, dedicated to using high-tech recycled materials and creative design concepts to create new products from waste. For example, clothes are made from recycled plastic bottles and watches are made from coffee grounds.

Our company produces various environmental protection machines, just to provide environmentalists with tools to recycle waste and make a contribution to the environmental protection cause, such as plastic bag recycling granulation and plastic bottle recycling and cleaning.

plastic pellet making machine
plastic pellet making machine

Because we know that plastic waste causes great harm to the ocean, the ocean accounts for 70% of the whole earth area, if the ocean is greatly polluted, these plastic wastes will eventually become small microplastics, which will eventually return to the human food chain, the victims are still human beings themselves. If more and more people do this plastic recycling thing, we can reduce the problem of plastic pollution of the ocean.