Shuliy company has produced plastic recycling machines for a long time, we have experience in solving machine problems and machine maintenance, including foam pelletizing machine. Today, staff from Shuliy machinery will introduce some tips for using a foam pelletizing machine in winter.

Our company produces plastic foam granulators, also called plastic foam pellet machines, with reasonable design, high degree of automation, advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving, and professional smoke removal equipment to ensure no pollution of the environment in the granulation process. The granulator can produce granules directly at room temperature, and the recycled plastic granules are bright and uniform, and do not destroy the original molecular structure, and the granules produced are widely used.

foam recycling machine
foam recycling machine

The foam pelletizing line includes the process of crushing, melting, extruding and cutting pellets. Its mechanical performance is stable and reliable, and the output depends on the size of the equipment model. Many customers are more concerned about the cold winter, the machine will be affected by the temperature to reduce the granulation efficiency.

Our staff believes that whether the foam pellets are produced outdoors with a foam pelletizer, or indoors, there will be a certain impact. In winter, we feel cold. The machine is made of steel, and its temperature will be lower. Therefore, the machine needs to be turned on for a longer time, and the heating ring on the granulator also needs a longer warm-up time.

We recommend that customers do not blindly rush to produce when the temperature is too low. Try to preheat the machine for 40 to 60 minutes after starting the pelletizing machine. After all components can be preheated in normal operation, you can try it with waste foam blocks to see if the heating Whether the plasticizing temperature of the ring has reached the production requirements, the next step can be carried out, so that the machine will run more smoothly. When shutting down every day, the water in the cooling tank should be poured out to avoid freezing the next day.

Under the guidance of professional technology, the life of the foam granulator will be longer, according to certain production processes and methods to use the foam granulator, not only to improve production efficiency but also to reduce costs as much as possible, to improve investment profits.