The output of the plastic pellet machine is closely related to its structure. At present, the most widely used extrusion theory is based on the three basic functions of conveying, melting and metering. Therefore, a common screw includes three sections; feeding section, compression section and homogenization section. The feeding section plays the role of solid conveying, the compression section plays the role of plastic melting and compression, and the homogenizing section plays the role of homogenization and metering.

Main factors affecting output

Screw speed

  • With the increase of the screw speed, the increase of the extrusion volume is related to the material. HDPE>LDPE>PP.
  • The extrusion volume of low-viscosity molten material is more affected by the screw speed.
  • The extrusion volume of the uncooled screw is slightly more affected by the screw speed than that of the cooled screw.

Machine die pressure

  • For the plastic pellet machine with a deep screw groove and short screw, the extrusion volume drops sharply with the increase of random head pressure.
  • The larger the gap between the screw and the barrel, the greater the proportion of the extrusion volume that decreases with the increase of the head pressure.

Material cleanliness

The cleanliness of the raw materials will also affect the output of the plastic pellet machine. If the recycled plastic is not cleaned, or even mixed with some foreign matter, the quality of the extruded plastic particles will deteriorate, and the machine may be damaged in severe cases. So it is very important to wash the recycled plastic thoroughly.