Shuliy PET bottle washing plant was sent to Mozambique in December 2022 successfully. Our customers from Mozambique are very satisfied with our equipment and services. We will update the installation of the whole plastic bottle crushing and washing line later.

Information of the customer in Mozambique

The customer from Mozambique is in the plastic bottle recycling business for many years. He has a local plastic recycling plant and has bought a PET bottle washing line and a plastic pelletizing line with high capacity and high configuration before, so he knows the recycling machines very much.

This year he needed to purchase a new PET recycling line. When the customer searched for plastic recycling machine manufacturers online, he came across our website and noticed that our factory has many cases of exporting plastic recycling machines, so he left a message on the website, hoping to learn more about our machines.

cooperition with customer1
Our saes manager learned about the customer’s requiremenr and sent him machine videos

PET bottle washing plant shipped to Mozambique

Location: Mozambique

Shipping date: December 2022

Shipping place: Qingdao port

Delivery time: 20-25 workdays

The raw material of plastic recycling plants in Mozambique: waste PET bottles

Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3 phase power

Final products: 14mm PET flakes

PET bottle recycling machine
PET bottle recycling machine
plastic bottle recycling machine
plastic bottle recycling machine

Load and delivery of PET bottle washing plant

Now all the plastic bottle recycling machines have been shipped to Mozambique. We will update the newest installation messages after our customer receives his machines.

Details of PET bottle washing plant sent to Mozambique

ItemsMachine parametersQty
Climbing conveyorConvey the bottle instead of manual
Label removing machineRemove the label from the bottle
Diameter 0.63m
Picking conveyorSort out the bottle whose labels are not completely removed
Power: 3kw L6m*W0.6m
PET bottle crusher machineCrush the bottle into small chips Matched with a forced feeder
Model: SL-80
PET, PP, PE washing and separating machineSeparate PET chips and PE bottle cap
High temperature washing barrelHigh-temperature washing barrel with hot water and cleaning agent
Power :60kw+4kw(electromagnetic heating)
Height: 2m
Rubbing washing machineWith water recycling, clean the PET bottle enough, remove cleaning agents and other impurities
Power :7.5kw L3*W0.4m
PET chips dewatering machineDewatering for PET chips
Size :L 2.5*W0.75m

All the main plastic bottle recycling machines of the PET bottle washing plant sent to Mozambique are shown for your reference, if you are interested in the plastic recycling business too, welcome to contact us or leave a message on our website.