Plastic granulator machine shipped to Mozambique successfully

Congratulations! Shuliy Machinery exported plastic granulator machine to Mozambique in December 2022, our customer in Mozambique bought our PET bottle recycling line last time, and now he needs machines to make plastic granules in 2023 for his plastic recycling business.

Information of cooperation with Mozambique customer

Configuration: plastic granulator machine, horizontal dryer, granule cutting machine, cooling tank

Raw material: HDPE plastic waste

Final product: plastic granules

The installation method: online guidance

Location: Maputo port

Shipping date: December 2022

Shipping from: Qingdao port

Delivery time: 20-25 workdays

Why did customer choose Shuliy plastic granulator machine?

The customer's factory is located in Africa, Mozambique. He specializes in plastic recycling, including PET bottle washing and recycling and plastic pelletizing. He bought our PET bottle washing line last month and very much trusted our company. Helen, our sales manager, has sent him many photos and videos of the granulation process.

Loading and delivery of plastic granulator machine

Machine details of plastic granulator shipped to Mozambique

Plastic granulator machineHost plastic granulator
Model: SL-150
Power:37kw 2.3m screw
Heat Method: ceramic heating
250 Hard tooth surface reducer

Second granulator machine
Model: SL-125
Power: 11kw
Heating method: heating ring heating
225 Hard tooth surface reducer Electric grinding head
Screw material:40Cr (High hardness and wear resistance)
Sleeve material:heat-treated No.45 steel
Horizontal dewatering machinePower: 11kw
To dry the water on flakes
Cooling tankLength: 3m
Material: stainless steel
Granule cutting machineInverter speed regulation
Power: 3kw
Hob knives

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