This year’s large-scale smog weather has aroused great concern from all walks of life. Various localities have successively introduced corresponding regulations and policies to control the emission of exhaust fumes in industrial production. Plastic processing, especially waste plastic recycling and processing, all kinds of waste plastics are recycled and sorted, crushed and cleaned, sent to recycled plastic pellet making machine for high-temperature melting and filtration and extrusion, all of which have waste smoke exhaust emissions to varying degrees. A major source of secondary environmental pollution.

Large and small plastic recycling enterprises all over the country, due to the use of waste plastic pellet machine under high temperature melting conditions to produce waste smoke exhaust gas, and have not been filtered by exhaust gas treatment equipment (except the smoke machine), have been reported to be investigated and even forced to close. The situation is not uncommon. It can be predicted that with the strengthening of environmental pollution control by the state, enterprises that lack exhaust gas treatment equipment, ie, smoke removal machines, will be fined, ordered to suspend operations or even revoke business licenses.

PP PE flake products recycling and pelletizing machine

Recycled plastic pellet making machine

First, the equipment layout. Before the installation of the recycled plastic pellet making machine, water and electricity are mainly considered. At the same time, attention should be paid to the discharge port of the exhaust gas treatment equipment. The exhaust port should be placed at the downwind to facilitate the timely discharge of the exhaust gas. Otherwise, the dust may accumulate in the production workshop and cannot be discharged, which may affect the work of the workers, and the long-term discharge is harmful to the human body.

Second, the location of the enterprise. The address of the plastic recycling enterprise is best chosen in the industrial park. First, the industrial zone is the place where the government plans. The enterprise is convenient to enter and can receive government support, especially some policy support. Secondly, the enterprises in the industrial park are basically high-emission. Enterprises, the government will have certain emission requirements, as long as the enterprises operate within the environmental protection requirements, the government will not interfere too much.

Third, plant construction. In the production process of recycled plastic pellet making machine, it is inevitable to produce a certain amount of waste gas. When planning the plant, the exhaust gas emission problem should be fully considered. The construction of the plant is suitable for the downwind of the local wind direction, and the maximum possible avoidance and reduction of residents—pollution of the area.


The above three points are all problems that enterprises should pay attention to in the construction and production of the factory. They are the preconditions for the smooth discharge of exhaust fumes. However, some exhaust fumes are harmful and have their own position, and cannot be directly discharged into the air. This requires the company to be equipped with corresponding exhaust gas treatment equipment. The exhaust gas is first filtered through the exhaust gas treatment equipment to achieve non-polluting standards before being discharged.