Plastic Granulator Machine

Plastic granulator machine equipment is mainly used for the re-granulation of various plastic, such as new and old high-pressure polyethylene, low-pressure polyethylene and polypropylene, and color mixing granulation of engineering plastic. Commonly plastic can be processed are a plastic film, woven bags, convenience bags, basins, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, daily necessities, and ABS plastic sheets, pipes, household appliances, automobile bumpers and so on.

Energy saving of waste plastic granulator machine:

The host and auxiliary of the plastic granulator machine are integrated. The installation of the machine is simple, the floor space is small, and the machine performance-price ratio is high. The energy consumption decreases by 30% – 40%. Waste plastic granulation machine equipment has a reasonable automatic design for processing. Mechanized cleaning, crushing, feeding, pelletizing can save much labor cost, just need one or two people to carry on.

Features of the plastic granulator:

1. The screw cylinder of the plastic granulator main machine is made of imported high-strength steel and has a long service life.

2. The machine adopts a conical screw barrel to speed up the feed.

3. The main and auxiliary machines form a complete set of production. The heating temperature is stable and the molecular structure of the material is effectively improved The air permeability is enhanced, and the quality of the plastic particles is improved.

4. The plastic granulating unit is mainly composed of a pulverizer, an extruder and, an automatic traction grain cutter.

The working principle of plastic bottle crushing cleaning granulating production line:

Recycled PET plastic bottles, first remove the label of the bottle through the “extraction machine”

First, the label of the recycled PET plastic bottles is removed through the labor removing machine.

Second, the variegated bottles(such as green bottles, blue bottles, residual impurities, etc.) are picked out through the belt conveying sorting table machine. Then put the material into crushing machine.

Third, separating PP label paper and bottle caps from PET bottle sheets through the washing tank. After separation, put the material into the hot water washing tank the to heat and clean.

Next, put the raw material into the washing tank to wash (remove the detergent in high-temperature heating). The final step is dehydrated to package. For large output and superior level of the bottle flake, we can use the bottle of pre-washing, labor stripping and sorting, crushing, high-temperature washing, neutral cleaning, rinsing and drying, and bottle selection link to get high-quality bottle flake. This process is a systematic process.

According to different production location and capacity, our factory can design different production plans to meet different customer need.

Plastic film granulator video

Maintenance of plastic granule machine:

Equipment maintenance is a regular task, the main contents as follows:

1. Operators are required to use equipment strictly and carefully in accordance with the operating instruction of the pelletizer.

2. Frequently clean the machine to remove dust and filling lubricant work.

3. Inspect the operation of the machine, if problems are found, please promptly ask the relevant personnel to eliminate.

Maintenance is a protective measure against the wear of equipment parts, which can delay the wear of machine parts and extend the service life of the machine.

Plastic Pellet Making Machine

The plastic granulator machines we produce and sell have reached all quality indicators under normal operational conditions(after sampling and testing by customers) and basically, meet the requirements of industry standards. Welcome to our factory to visit and identify.