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plastic granulator

The plastic pelletizing machine can also be called a plastic granulator, which is very important in the plastic waste recycling line. It can be used to re-melt and extrude plastics such as PP, PE, PET, EPS foam, and other materials.

Structure of the plastic pellet machine

This machine is mainly composed of a feeding port, screw press, press chamber, heating device, discharge port, mold head, reducer, machine body, base, motor, and other parts.

This machine is the main machine of the plastic recycling production line and can handle a variety of materials. But the machines that handle different materials are not exactly the same. Their appearance is similar, but the diameter of the internal screw, the distance between the screw and the barrel wall, and the length of the screw are all different. They all need to be adjusted according to the material. Therefore, one machine cannot handle multiple materials.

Introduction of the plastic granulator

The model of this machine is mainly divided according to the diameter of the screw press.

  1. The material of the screw is 45 # steel, 40CR, 38CRSI. Customers can also customize chrome plating, nitriding, and other processes to extend the service life of the machine according to their plastic processing characteristics.
  2. The reducer adopts a hard gear surface reducer. Reducer is an important component of plastic granulator, so quality is particularly important. At present, the quality ranking of common reducers on the market is old-style snail reducer <common reducer <semi-hard gear surface reducer <hard gear surface reducer.
  3. There are two kinds of die heads for plastic extruder: Electric die head and hydraulic die head. The hydraulic die head can change the filter screen without stopping. It is more suitable for the material with more impurities, but the cost is higher correspondingly.
  4. The heating mode of the plastic extruder is divided into the cast aluminum heating ring, quartz tube heating ring, ceramic heating ring, and electromagnetic heating ring. The heating effect of electromagnetic heating is the best, the temperature can be added quickly and the effect of constant temperature is good, but it is not suitable for processing foam material. The heating method can be comprehensively considered according to the raw materials of the customer and the color of the final product.

What is a plastic granulator? How does it work?

A plastic pellet machine is a machine for melting and extruding plastics of various materials. The extruded plastic is cooled and cut into plastic particles. These particles can be used for secondary production to make new plastic products.

1. First, turn on the machine.

2. Secondly, observe the operation of the machine, and put it into use after there is no abnormal sound or vibration.

3. Before use, it is necessary to preheat the machine so that it can melt the plastic. If the temperature is too high, the melted plastic will turn black; if the temperature is too low, the plastic will not melt.

4. Put the crushed material into the feeding port of the machine, and add a forced feeder for plastic film material to prevent the machine from not feeding.

5. The material melts in the squeezing chamber and is pushed out continuously along with the squeezing screw. The material from the main engine will enter the auxiliary engine again for secondary melting and extrusion.

6. The material from the outlet can be put into the cooling tank for cooling.

detail information of the plastic recycle machine
detail information of the plastic recycling machine

Video: How does the machine work?

Parameters of the granulator

Type 105125135150180200220
Screw diameter105mm125mm135mm150mm180mm200mm220mm
Spindle speed50-70/min50-70/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min
Main motor power18.5kw30kw37kw37kw55kw75kw90kw
reducer(hard gear )200225250250280315330
Weight 1.3T1.8T2T2T2.2T2.8T3.2T
Size 2.4*0.7*0.72.6*0.7*0.72.8*0.7*0.73.0*0.7*0.83.2*0.7*0.83.5*1*13.8*1.2*1
Output 150KG/H180KG/H200KG/H300KG/H350KG/H380KG/H420KG/H
end product made by plastic extruder
end product made by the plastic extruder

Why choose this plastic pellet machine?

1. Reducer, die head, motor, etc. all use the highest equipment currently on the market.

2. It can be customized according to customer requirements or raw materials that need processing. Such as the diameter of the screw press, the heating method, the die, the material of the screw press, the material of the machine, etc.

3. Rich production experience. There are many different plastic materials on the market. To process different types of plastics, changes need to be made inside the machine to achieve the best production results. There are many manufacturers who do not understand the material, and mistakenly believe that all the internal structure of the machine is the same. So that the machine-made seriously affects the output and quality of the final product.

Choosing a plastic granulator need to collect much information and need patience, we hope you can get an ideal one.

What should we pay attention in plastic granulator operation?

A plastic granulator is mainly used to recycle waste plastic film, PP, PE flakes. It is widely used in the waste plastic recycling industry and is deeply supported and favored by customers. However, in order to better ensure the overall performance of the plastic granulator and prolong the service life of the product, plastic granulator operation attention should be emphasized. What should we pay attention to when using a plastic granulator? There is something we need to point out before operating the equipment.

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