PET plastic bottle recycling machine production line

Why waste plastic bottle recycling machine become more and more popular?

1). Many waste PET plastic bottles are produced every day, which causes great pollution to the environment. Recycling the waste is good for protecting environment.

2). Turn waste plastic bottles into treasures, it has a widely used.

3). Save resources and promote the development of the industry.

Waste recycling plastic bottle use:

Before recycling, the PET plastic bottles are processed into PET flakes that can be reconstituted into the middle layer of the carbonated beverage bottle.

The PET flakes can also be used to spin fibers into clothes, pillows, tweezers, sleeping bags, felts, etc.

In addition, it can also be used as a glass fiber reinforced material because the glass fiber reinforced material has good heat resistance and mechanical strength and can be used to make automotive parts.

Waste PET plastic bottle recycling machine:

Waste PET plastic bottle recycling machine is used for recycling waste PET plastic bottles, the complete production line mainly includes: sorting table–Belt conveyor–label removing machine–Belt conveyor–crusher–screw conveyor–washing tank–Stuff-fetching machine–hot water washing tank–screw conveyor–frictional machine–floating washing tank–Stuff-fetching machine–dehydrator machine–stock bin and packing.

Working flow chart of waste PET plastic recycling machine:

Plastic bottle making machine Plastic bottle making machine

Instruction for each machine of the PET Waste plastic bottle recycling machine:

1). sorting table–To separate different color and different material bottles from PET bottles manually

2). label removing machine–To remove the PP label from the PET bottles

3). crusher–To crush PET bottles into small PET flakes

4). washing tank–To separate PE/PP from PET flakes, also can realize preliminary cleaning

5).hot water washing tank— To wash the PET pieces more cleaner by hot water

6).frictional machine— it is optional cleaning machine, not necessary but suitable for very dirty material

7). floating washing tank— To wash and separate PP/PE from PET again

8). Stuff-fetching machine–To stuff-fetch and dehydrate the PET flakes from the washing tank

9). dehydrator machine–To remove water after washing

10). stock bin and packing–To stock and pack final products

The Waste PET plastic bottle recycling machine is a regular process, we can design different production line scheme according to customers’ requirements.


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